Asbury Community Garden

Welcome to the Asbury Community Garden Project in Denton, Texas.

Message from Jim Hemsell
Planting season for early spring crops are going in over the next two weeks and this is their chance to get something planted. We have about 8 beds ready to go and another 5-6 coming online in the next month. The old Garden Committee is now retired and a new Committee is being formed so this is everyone’s opportunity to start anew. If someone is a registered gardener, they are invited to be on the committee. We will be busy planting and working in the Garden Wednesday afternoons 4-6 PM and Saturday mornings 10 -12 AM. Rain, snow or tribulation will cancel that particular workday, Otherwise I should be onsite to help new gardeners start their garden plots during those two days. The garden will be open any time for member participation, but these will be the days I am present and able to help new gardeners. Trees will be going in in mid February so please get your contribution in soon so we can order the trees. 


Click the pictures below to view the progress…