Online Worship Service 5/10/20 “Living Stones”

In today’s sermon titled “Living Stones,” we reflect on Jesus being our cornerstone as we continue the ministry of building God’s kingdom on earth.

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This is the part five of our seven-part Easter sermon series titled “Closer and Closer.” Here is what we have learned so far:

  • John tells us in his gospel that Mary Magdalene is the first person to see Jesus alive. She then goes and shares the good news with Peter and John. Sharing the good news has continued from Mary Magdalene, to Peter and John, on down through the centuries, right down to you and me. And now, it is our turn to share it.
  • John also tells us that Thomas doubts Jesus is alive until he can see him with his own two eyes. Doubt is a part of the spiritual journey for many of us, and it can be beneficial if it drives us to get closer to Jesus.
  • Luke tells us in his gospel about Jesus walking with two of the disciples as they were heading to their home in Emmaus. Luke says that Jesus opens the scriptures to them. Just as Jesus did this to these two disciples, he continues to do this for us as we turn our focus toward him. We can focus on Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit within us.
  • Last week we saw how John shares Jesus’ teaching that he is the Good Shepherd.In one of our favorite images of Jesus, he becomes the Good Shepherd of our lives as we listen to his voice and allow it to speak to us above all other voices. One way we do this is through contemplating holy scriptures and prayer.