Schedule for 5th-8th

5th – 8th grade classes are set up differently than the K-4th classes.  The students get to choose their classes during three blocks on Tuesday and two blocks on Thursday.  ALL 5th-8th Thursday students participate in Fitness Fun & Team Building.  If the student comes for the Science/History block, they will be placed in a History and/or Science class according to grade level.

You can schedule 1 to 8 classes(refer to tuition chart).

For more information Contact the COMPASS Director Online Here .

2017-2018 COMPASS Schedule for 5th-8th grade (Choose one class per time period)
Classes are “first come, first serve” and will be closed when full.

Schedule for 2017-2018

 2018-2019 Schedule COMING SOON!


 9:00AM to 9:55AM Beginning Spanish- CLOSED


World Geography

 10:00AM to 11:10AM Astronomy (5th & 6th)

American History (7th & 8th)

11:15AM to 12:10PM Art


D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)- CLOSED

12:15PM to 12:40PM LUNCH
 12:45PM to 1:40PM Art- CLOSED


Cooking: Eat Your Way Through the USA

 1:45PM to 2:00PM Assembly (ALL are required to attend each day.)


 9:00AM to 9:55AM Missionary Studies


Book Club- CLOSED

 10:00AM to 11:10AM Story of the World History Vol. 1 (5th & 6th)

General Science (7th & 8th)

 11:15AM to 12:10PM Fitness Fun & Team Building (ALL 5th-8th)
 12:15PM to 12:40PM LUNCH
 12:45PM to 1:40PM How Does It Work? (Interactive Construction)- CLOSED


Crime & Court COMBO Class

 1:45PM to 2:00PM Assembly (ALL are required to attend each day.)