Worship and Fellowship

All are Invited and Welcome to join us in Worship & Fellowship at Asbury!

Please Note: New Schedule November 29th 2015


9:00 to 9:55 A.M. Renewal Worship Service:

a “Gentle Blend” of traditional and renewal elements..  The Asbury Church Orchestra and Choir take part in leading the congregation in this service along with special music by the Choir, Orchestra, Guests Vocalists and the Asbury Trio.

  • Children’s Church for three year olds through first grade.
  • Power Hour for second grade through sixth grade.


10:00 to 10:55 A.M. Sunday School Groups (For All Ages):

Children’s Sunday School for three year old through sixth grade.

Consumed Youth for teenagers 7th through 12th grade.

New Beginnings: This class meets the needs of those adults who are uniquely challenged.  For information contact Marie & David Nelson @ 940-566-3424

3M:  This international couples and singles class began in 1967 for young adults and some of it’s original members of all ages to the group.  The young adults keep it lively, while the elders of the group offer wisdom and words of advice in their discussions, prayer time and social gatherings they enjoy several times a year.  Age ranges is for ALL.  For more information contact Martha Phillips @ 940-387-2715.

ARBOR: The Arbor class is the oldest class in our church.  This small group of ladies is dedicated to Asbury, Scripture and each other.  Age range is 80-100.  They lovingly welcome new members.  For more information contact Adelle Baker @ 940-382-1007

“Young Adults”(Once Upon a Time) This fun group of individuals and couples is focused on reading and discussing scripture.  If you are looking for a class that enjoys fellowship in and outside of church, this class is for you!  The Age range is the 20’s to 50’s. 

NEW LIFE: A group of loving adults, couples and singles, seeking to mature in faith through the study of the Bible, church history, book study and video series.  Age range is 40-80’s.  For information Contact Don and Charlotte Place @ 940-591-1848.

SOJOURNERS: You will find a group of warm, friendly, compassionate and encouraging individuals, singles and couples, who enjoy their time of prayer, sharing concerns and praises.  Age range is 50+.  For more information contact Rhonda and Charlie Wood @ 940-387-5623.


10:55 to 11:10 A.M – ALL CHURCH FELLOWSHIP


11:10 to 12:00 P.M.  A.M Encounter Worship Service: 
A “Bold Flavor” of high energy, alt.worship & contemporary praise band contemplations.